Corporate coaching & training

HUMAN-SERVICE (HS) offers traditional soft-skill business trainings with relating to mental health in both English and Hungarian. We work with highly qualified professionals executing custom-made programs in various areas.

The training process

HS prefers interactive methods where trainees become active participants, so they can affect the flow of the training. Trainees discover - similarly to the school of life - connections and make real the instinctively well or badly applied methods by solving problems and life-like situations so that they are able to choose the most effective tools for their everyday work. If participants solve the problems themselves and so learn how they should handle realistic situations, then on one hand, the imprinting will be more intensive and, on the other hand, the proper change of behavior will be more remarkable.

Proven training methods

- Practice oriented programs to ensure skill improvement with variable methods.
- One person, pair work, small group and whole group exercises.
- Situation exercises, case studies, the analyses of actual problems and difficult situations.
- Well planned games make programs colorful and relaxed.
- We support the learning process with different visual effect and handouts.
- Techniques increasing the effectiveness of trainings.
- Personalized, professional feed-backs.
- Preparation of individual development programs.
- Action plan prepared at the end of certain programs motivate participants - put things to practice.
- Range of trainings adjusted to your business needs.

Programs are adjusted to the profiles of your business, which can be a single occasion or multiple occasion continuous trainings. HS puts together custom made programs based on the needs and the actual tasks and plans of the company. We pay great attention to your company goals, along with the need of participants and your expectations of the outcome. After the training and the practical "apply it the real life" type activities we offer an opportunity to evaluate the learned materials, ask questions and receive further help with the integration and application of the material.

Planning phase: First of all we define the expectations and needs of clients then analyze the target group of the training.

Building the methods of the training: After analyzing the received information, we set forth the thematic and methods. If it is required we present the methodology construct to the heads of the business or appointed colleagues. We synthesize their observations and suggestions into the given training.

The execution of training: HS conducts the training on the location of your choice. In the case of two three days trainings we collect the observations of the participants after the first day and adapt and synthesize the received information into the second and third day program as well. In the end of the program both verbally and in written form we have the participants evaluate the methods, the material and the trainers through our custom made questioners. Follow-up: After the training has been conducted for a certain time we continue to assess the practical applicability of learned skills, how participants were able to integrate new skills in their every day work. A few month after the training we recommend a "brushing up" session to our business partners, where the participants give account of their experiences, talk about results and successes along with the challenges they continue to face. We recommend follow-up trainings quarterly to make sure the upkeep and the optimal retention of knowledge and to remedy potential challenges. During these follow-up sessions we focus on existing company specific situations and applications, through which the effectiveness of our trainings extend to the desired level.

What we guarantee: In methodology, content and dynamics. HS trainings have traditionally been flexible. Carefully adjusted to your business goals and to the needs of the participants we are committed to build long term partnerships. Our goal is to fit in with the lifecycle of your business, to provide you with new insights to the capacity of your human resource. We offer our trainees practical, applicable skills enhancing awareness and problem solving. Using periodic follow ups on various forms we are interested in insuring long term progress and efficiency for your business.

Our special (non-traditional) training programs

Critical Incident Stress Managememt - a special de-briefing stress-management program.

Mobbing/bullying (exploring, identifying, managing mobbing concerns in a work organization.)

Downsizing counseling - coordinating and offering mental health services for individuals who are to be sent away by the company.

Grief/trauma-work for companies do not always react appropriately when an employee dies. This special training helps co-workers to deal with loss and pain left behind.

HR for non HR - a program for small and medium sized Hungarian companies where no human-resource manager is present, but there is a genuine need behalf of leaders to develope an overview of tasks and trends.

Mission workshop - for all who seek meaning and personal mission in life and wish to be a doer and tired to be a drifter.