Mental health counseling for shopping malls

Human-Service offers professional mental health counseling services for shoppers of larger shopping malls and commercial centers.

We have noticed, that right before a particular public and religious holiday (e.g.: Christmas, Easter etc.) shoppers welcome the support as to what they should focus on in their giving, what to give, or how to make an event more memorable. They appreciate, if they are listened to and grateful for advice on other issues as well.

For shopping malls we provide private (1:1) confidential counseling for shoppers (anyone interested) usually for 15-30 minutes/person during which time, a particular concern can be addressed. Generally, suggestions are made where to turn to, or perhaps shown, how to approach a given problem more effectively. Counseling services do not require large investment or preps behalf of the mall-management, oftentimes a temparory unused store-lot can easily be transformed into a cosy service-area for a one day event or for a shorter period of time. Read more about this program on our Hungarian site.