On-site employee MH counseling services

Our employee mental health counseling program was designed to put psychological awareness as one of the most valuable assets into focus. Since international research data suggest that companies may be able to hang onto their employees only 2-6 years in general, we proposed two questions:

- Would it not be a great accomplishment to extend the length of employment of a well-performing and reliable worker with a few additional years?

- Would it not be propelling to work with people who are able to appreciate each other and focus single mindedly on the given project and not being preoccupied with unresolved personal issues brought to work.

Companies tend to cling onto the old standpoint that says 'anyone can be replaced.' It may be true for those corporations where recruitment and selection may not work 100 percent, where there is a vacuum of values behalf of the leadership, or a general 'fear based' thinking may be present among employees.

We must realize however that the corporate world does capitalize on skills, ideas, and manual assistance, so called qualities that only we - human beings - with various needs and wants can provide! For this reason companies spend great deals of resources on skill-enhancing business trainings, and internal adult education programs so to meet their primary goals.

Unfortunately most companies leave the secondary dimension of their own employees namely the 'human soul' often out of sight, by saying it is the responsibility of the individual to be fit to work mentally or else...

With little care and support, however individuals could vindicate and liberate great deals of energy, beyond the expectations of their managers, if they were assisted to reorient themselves in certain personal matters, to heal inner wounds, to cope with anxieties, to find meaning, to see where they are headed in life, or perhaps realize why they may have the same personal issues over and over that they just cannot seem to get rid of.

Focusing on this secondary dimension, counseling is to renew, refresh and align a healthy mentality so employees may tackle work issues more effortlessly, leave certain unhealthy habits behind, and be able to give birth to a mentally more apt self awareness, and a sense of belonging!

Providing mental health counseling as an extension of Employee Services, we bring a fresh perspective on corporate thinking while taking steps towards the improvement of the idea of self- and corporate social responsibility.

Our outsourced on-site counseling program provides individual and group counseling services, prevention programs, workshops all in the framework of focused or theme-oriented 'short-term counseling. This means employees who seek counseling may come forward with their personal issues in open office hour setting, schedule counseling appointment with a professional MH counselor, or psychologist or sign up for group discussions related to their personal matters e.g.: smoking addition, conflict-management, challenges of single parenting, mobbing, work-life balance etc.